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Global warming is a huge challenge for the world. Emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane must be significantly reduced to halt climate change and its associated negative effects. In the Paris Climate Agreement, 200 countries have agreed to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 °C and no less than 1.5 °C. As Alcomex (and subsidiaries) we see this together with our stakeholders as an important topic on which we must take our responsibility.

The challenges of the energy transition offer opportunities to make Alcomex a leading example in the springs industry. We can succeed if we see the energy transition not as the end of an industrial era, but as the beginning of a new and sustainable economy. We want to be part of this transition because we are intrinsically convinced that this is the right direction for all our stakeholders. And for our planet.

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We take an evolutionary step-by-step approach by integrating carbon neutrality into the Alcomex strategy. Our goals are in line with the agreements of the Paris Climate Agreement. We aim for an annual reduction of 5% in the CO2 footprint for the Alcomex Group. It defines the next steps.

  1. How: Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating our carbon footprint2 and reducing it to zero through a combination of internal efficiency measures and by supporting external emission reduction projects
  2. Measurement: Collect data for all companies and calculate CO2 emissions.
  3. Define: Define which part of Alcomex we want to make CO2 neutral over time (pros and cons).
  4. Goal: focus on becoming CO2 neutral per company by achieving net zero emissions.
  5. Reduce: Achieve internal emissions reductions, for example through energy efficiency programs.
  6. Communicate: Communicate a clear and credible story about the climate actions to all stakeholders and ensure a thorough follow-up of the results.
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Although we have an evolutionary approach, we have already started mapping Alcomex’s carbon footprint in 2019 for all companies in 2018, 2019 and 2020. There are already plans to reduce this.

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Measuring the Alcomex CO2 emissions for 2019 was done with the tools of Climate Neutral Group. They published a progress report for 2019, after which Alcomex offset 2019 CO2 emissions by planting 6,800 trees in Spain and Texas, in partnership with ‘Land Life Company’ (landlifecompany.com), an organization with a mission to protect 2 billion hectares of degraded land. to restore land in the world by planting trees to convert CO2 into forests and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

We understand that there is much to do and achieve, but we are glad we embarked on the Alcomex Climate Journey with expert support! Create, measure, plan, improve and implement awareness! We invite you to join us and realize this new sustainable economy together.