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HZ Solutions develops solutions for its customer. This means that they are happy to help the customer with the problem by developing a new solution. In addition, it is possible for HZ Solutions to produce the punches and fastening products. Technical knowledge and know-how are used from the drawing board. In order to be able to help the customer properly, it is necessary to have the right technology. Are you interested in reading more about our technology and knowledge? More about our production techniques, prototyping and test facilities.

Production techniques

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In our working method, we strive for added value in the collaboration with you. This added value… does not just happen. That is the sum of being involved early on in your question or product development, clarifying basic principles and making agreements.

Which innovative solution is the best for you is central during the introduction and development phase. Then we record the problem, make an inventory of your wishes and look for the most ideal solution. This is created by thinking out-of-the-box. Only then will you receive the solution that will make a difference for you in the future.

But you are not there yet with a design or model. That is why we also make a product for you. In small or large volumes. From leaf springs, to wire springs, punched parts and wire shapes. In steel, copper or stainless steel. Everything goes without saying, with short delivery times, consistently high quality (ISO9001:2015) and competitive prices. By bringing in our knowledge and expertise of production technology, materials, mechanization, packaging, assembly and logistics, we ultimately guarantee the most optimal solution for you.