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HZ Solutions has been producing technical springs and leaf springs since 1953. As a result, we have gained a lot of knowledge and know-how over the years. This makes it possible for us to manufacture our products according to customer requirements. When our engineers work with you, we are confident that you will always receive the perfect spring for your situation.

Years of experience and technical knowledge

Continuous product development is indispensable. After all, you want your products to be innovative and in demand in 5 or 10 years’ time. But how do you do that? We as HZ solutions can help you with this excellently.

Since our foundation in 1953, we have been specialists in developing creative solutions for customer-specific fastening issues. Everything revolves around leaf springs, wire products and punched bending parts. We are often called in to improve existing fastening structures or for products that need to be redeveloped. That is why they are looking for custom springs!

HZ solutions has recently designed and developed products and fastening solutions for dozens of international companies. From an installation method for Ambilight strips for Philips, to mounting clamping strips for chimneys and fixings for Rockpanel facade systems.

Please contact our engineers to receive tailor-made solutions. Our team will be happy to help you with the calculation and construction of your solution! Please contact us here.


Before we get started, we analyze your technical issue together with you. Our focus is always on you as a customer; at your convenience and advantage. Our solutions should lead to time and cost savings, comfort and simplicity for you. It is not always about a completely new product, but a smarter way of working, easier installation or a cost-effective finish can also be groundbreaking and give your product a new impulse and keep your customers happy.

We are often told that: “we have gone out of the box with our solution when we present our prototypes”. We take an unexpected direction and usually a very simple one.

In agreement with our customers, we will look for the best possible solution thanks to the use of:

Our expertise;
Internal calculation programs;
And practical production knowledge.

In addition to extensive knowledge, we also offer you information and options regarding:

Surface treatments, to improve service life and corrosion resistance. Think of this: tin plating, gold plating, silver plating, galvanizing, blackening and more!

Materials, suitable for specific industries. Think of stainless steels, multiple spring wire classes, phosphor bronze, copper, aluminum, berillium copper and nickel silver band.

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