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HZ Solutions has been producing technical springs and leaf springs since 1953. As a result, we have gained a lot of knowledge and know-how over the years. This makes it possible for us to manufacture our products according to customer requirements. When our engineers work with you, we are confident you will always receive the perfect spring for your application.

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leaf springs

The operation of the leaf spring is based on the principle of bending. Elastic deformation of the blade provides counteracting resilience, which is useful in clamps, hinges and closures, among other things. A leaf spring is made of band or sheet material. By HZ Solutions of course.

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Fastening systems

Would you like to have a mounting system made to measure for your partition wall, horticultural greenhouse, lighting fixture or facade panels? HZ solutions is always happy to be your partner in the development of fastening systems. We have many years of experience in designing, developing, testing and realizing different types of systems

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Wire products

From truss clamps in greenhouse construction to brackets for lighting fixtures. Wire products are indispensable in many systems or devices because they hold or connect parts together. HZ Solutions is your partner in the development of all types of wire products and wire shapes.

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