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Based on the first concept, prototypes are produced and tested to check whether the spring complies with the calculated forces required for the application.

In many cases, prototyping is the beginning of a solution. Our customers have a problem with, for example, a click confirmation. Or see opportunities for improvement in the current product. In such a case, the customer contacts us.

Because we are able to cut material to the correct size ourselves (slittingĀ in technical terms), we are able to start quickly. Our wire sparker ensures that we can make tailor-made results. We also have hand presses available. This way we can quickly work on a solution.

After approval from the customer, a new tool is then designed, or in the most favorable case a tool is adapted. The engineering department designs a new tool, this design is discussed. With an approval, the tool is produced. Depending on the tool concept, we can deliver a FOT within 8 weeks.