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Production techniques

At HZ Solutions we work with “standard” production techniques. This means that we use proven techniques such as punching, bending wire, edging and setting. All this is possible thanks to a diversity of machines and resources.

Means of Production

  • 4 cnc wire bending machines, Wafios
  • 3 Die-cutting machines, Müller
  • 2 Rapid die-cutting machine, Haulick + Roos” (100T extra nl)
  • 2 multi carriage belt bending machines, Bihler
  • 1 CNC belt bending machine, NF-40
  • Press brake, Safran Darley
  • 2 deburring drums + dryer, Rösler
  • blasting cabin
  • 2 grinding benches, Jung
  • Starting hole sparker, Sodick
  • Wire spark, Sodick
  • Slitting machine, Burghardt + Schmit


Production departments

At HZ Solutions we punch strip steel, among other things. We call this department automatic production belt (AP Band). In this department we punch using various automatic presses and several multi-slide machines. This enables us to produce a wide range of products, according to customer-specific requirements.

We mainly process stainless steel with a thickness of up to 1.00 mm and a belt width of a maximum of 200 mm. Each item has its own tools. (technical term) Also called mold by laymen. This is the case for all automatically running products. In addition, HZ has a real time OEE monitoring system with which we are able to monitor our failures down to the smallest details. With this tool we can solve specific problems in a very targeted way. This is often the beginning of a continuous improvement plan.

HZ also has 4 Wafios wire benders. These are located in the automatic production wire department (AP wire). With these modern production techniques we are able to efficiently meet our customers’ product needs. We process wire from 0.3mm to 6.0mm thick there. With AP wire, just like with AP band, the AQL method is used. In this way we keep the quality at the level that our customers expect from us.

In addition, HZ has two production departments. In these departments, among other things, small series are made using manual presses. These series are often so small that it is not attractive for our customer to have a tool made. Another reason to choose this form of production is the complexity that is sometimes required. We also assemble some products in these departments


Maintenance Department

We also have a maintenance department. Our tools are maintained in this department. In the maintenance department we use a milling machine, lathe, grinding machine, starting hole sparker and wire EDM machine. By means of these machines we are often able to quickly remake tool parts. This department is also widely used for the development of prototypes.