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Leaf springs

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The operation of the leaf spring is based on the principle of bending. Elastic deformation of the blade provides counteracting resilience, which is useful in clamps, hinges and closures, among other things. A leaf spring is made of band or sheet material. By HZ Solutions of course.

Your partner through expertise

Whether the leaf spring needs to clamp, hinge, bend or close. Whether it has to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions or certain temperatures or not. Thanks to our customization and years of experience in producing industrial springs, we always make the right spring for you. In a short time and for a competitive price. Are you looking for a flexible and reliable party for making leaf springs? HZ Solutions is your ideal partner and a real leaf spring specialist!

Since the applications of leaf springs are diverse, there is no standard leaf spring. Each leaf spring is custom made, and the same applies to spring clips to attach the spring. In our production area with modern machinery, we make both small and large series of custom-made leaf springs and clips. For larger series, we use tracking, cutting and bending tools. Laser technology – such as laser cutting, laser engraving and laser welding – also helps us to make exactly the leaf spring and spring clip that is needed. Would you like to know more about our services and products? Contact us for more information or a no-obligation introduction, then you can also request your custom leaf springs.

The leaf spring from drawing to delivery

Developing a well-functioning leaf spring starts for us with thinking along and developing. In which application is the spring used? What influences must the spring withstand and what material, what shape and what kind of post-treatment is required? We process all wishes and requirements down to the smallest details, so that the leaf spring that we make will soon do exactly what it is supposed to do. Feel free to ask us about the many possibilities!

batch size

Because HZ solutions produces tailor-made, tailor-made for you. This can be in small series, but also on a large scale in a fully automated process. Not unimportant if you are looking for a supplier who can make a prototype as well as produce on a large scale in a flexible way. We have the most effective production method for every batch size and product; from simple universal hand tools for models, prototypes and small numbers to CNC wire benders, punching and Multislide machines for larger numbers.

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