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Would you like to have a mounting system made to measure for your partition wall, horticultural greenhouse, lighting fixture or facade panels? HZ solutions is always happy to be your partner in the development of fastening systems. We have many years of experience in designing, developing, testing and realizing different types of systems.

Do you have any questions about HZ solutions and our product development options? We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us via the contact page on the website. Our area of ​​expertise is broad; from product development in 3D to the production of all kinds of springs and wires, fastening systems and custom punched parts. We have specialized engineers on each of the above products, all with a combined experience and knowledge of product development and production; an indispensable link in the process! You have come to the right place at HZ solutions for the development of fastening systems.

What makes our systems right for you?

  • What requirements do good fastening systems meet?
  • What materials could we use?

These and other questions are often asked at the start of a development process. The answer is never the same. That depends entirely on the application and environmental factors for which the system is intended, under what circumstances it will be used and by whom. That is why the best fastening systems are tailor-made solutions. HZ solutions develops and supplies fastening solutions that are quick and easy to use.
They are often specifically developed on behalf of the customer and marketed by them. Like:

TS 650 system or gunwale system

The TS 650 system or gunwale system is the fixing system for the cladding of exterior facades. The system is suitable for the application of unprofiled sheet metal strips with a thickness of 6 mm. We deliver on request for other sheet thicknesses. For more information, please contact us at sales@hzsolutions.nl

Lines² system wall mounting system

Rockpanel’s Lines² system is a gunwale system developed and patented by HZ solutions. The system is produced as a complete set by HZ solutions and supplied by Rockpanel via the specialist trade with the associated profiles. The Lines² system is based on a gunwale system which, however, can not only be stacked, but also has the option of replacing or adding intermediate profiles at a later stage. User-friendly to replace parts in case of damage or to have the option to install wiring afterwards, for example. This system is only available through specialist shops.

For more information see: www.rockpanel.nl

batch size

Because HZ solutions produces tailor-made, tailor-made for you. This can be in small series, but also on a large scale in a fully automated process. Not unimportant if you are looking for a supplier who can make a prototype as well as produce on a large scale in a flexible way. We have the most effective production method for every batch size and product; from simple universal hand tools for models, prototypes and small numbers to CNC wire benders, punching and Multislide machines for larger numbers.

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