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From truss clamps in greenhouse construction to brackets for lighting fixtures. Wire products are indispensable in many systems or devices because they hold or connect parts together. HZ Solutions is your partner in the development of all types of wire products and wire shapes.

Your partner through expertise

One product is not the other. It is precisely for this reason that HZ Solutions stands for customization and we are continuously working on product development. We make wire products in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses and materials. Due to the short changeover time of our machines, we supply both large and small series of custom wire forms at an attractive price. Ask? Submit your challenge to us and we will develop the best wire product for you.


In consultation we produce for your application

One application requires a wire product to hold things together, the other requires cable or wire guidance. To develop exactly the wire product you need, we first need to know what kind of device the spring, clamp or bracket will be used in. We then produce the right wire product for you quickly and cost-effectively at our modern production location with advanced machines. Do not hesitate and ask us for advice!


Alternative to bolted connections

Springs, spring clips and wire products are often a smart alternative to bolted and screwed connections. Mounting with screws, bolts and glue takes a lot of time; with the right clips and wire shapes you can achieve considerable mounting savings. Whatever fastening or mounting system your application or product requires, HZ Solutions develops a creative fastening solution. Mail us for a quote, specific information or an appointment.


Experienced specialist in metal solutions

HZ Solutions has been developing industrial springs, wire products and fastening systems for more than 50 years. Nowadays, we mainly focus on solving specific problems in cooperation with customers. We come up with a simple, working solution for you in a creative way.


batch size

Because HZ solutions produces tailor-made, tailor-made for you. This can be in small series, but also on a large scale in a fully automated process. Not unimportant if you are looking for a supplier who can make a prototype as well as produce on a large scale in a flexible way. We have the most effective production method for every batch size and product; from simple universal hand tools for models, prototypes and small numbers to CNC wire benders, punching and Multislide machines for larger numbers.

HZ Solutions

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