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Technical springs


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Custom development

The specialists at HZ Solutions are happy to help you answer the most diverse issues. Concrete advice from the drawing board to development and production.

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Tool construction

HZ Solutions also offers the possibility to develop your tools. Our experienced technicians will be happy to assist you. Find more information about mechanical engineering here!

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HZ Solutions can help you in several branches. We are happy to design, develop and produce a solution aimed at your industry and application!

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About HZSolutions

HZ solutions connects and links products together. We design, develop and produce technical solutions from strip and wire, especially in the form of springs. These can be new products, but also existing products.

As a specialized supplier of punching, bending parts and fastening solutions, we combine your specific wishes with our experience, knowledge and creativity. The consequence? A practical, affordable and above all: targeted new product.

Best in class quality

Quality is almost a matter of course in our business. That is why we monitor and improve our quality assurance system on a daily basis, which is certified according to ISO9001:2015.

our quality goes beyond the product we deliver and encompasses our entire process. You notice this, for example, in the way of communication and punctual deliveries.

Solid custom solutions

Leaf springs come in many shapes, but not every leaf spring is suitable for every application. Because of these diverse applications, HZ Solutions helps its customers with tailor-made solutions. For us, everything revolves around realizing your specific wishes; you determine the material and the scale.

High-quality technical knowledge

HZ Solutions has a very extensive technical knowledge. HZ Solutions has been a leading and solid brand in the spring industry for 70 years. HZ Solutions supports its customers with technical issues and finds it challenging to come up with solutions together with you. Take advantage of our more than 70 years of experience, we are happy to help you!

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